Wednesday, February 13, 2008

(Happy) Valentines

I just made my letters a sickeningly cute pink.

I just want to say Happy Valentines to everyone who is single.
Because Valentines is like salt in the wound.
Just stay away from the malls ladies.

Here's a poem one of my kingdom seekers told me:

Roses are Red
Violets are Plastic
You are Great
But I'm Fantastic


Thursday, January 17, 2008

As of Yesterday -I am the proud owner of Noritake Dishes. Including Nappies. lol

I'm also happy to report that bridesmaid dress shopping is DONE. For this wedding anyway. The four of us chose different dresses, but they are going to be the same color and are all floor length with some type of draping around the waist..lol. I think we will be stunning. And I'll definitely wear mine again.

I may possibly be taking a long trip to a far away destination.

And I think I'm the happiest I've been in a long time. "There are like, beams of sunshine coming off of you. "

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome to the family Douglas Whyintortness

Katie just came home from catechism and dropped a bright dragon on my lap...it's extremely bright, your eyes need to refocus to look at it. Lots of shimmer and ...brightness.
Anyway. he's a stuffed dragon, and his name is Douglas Whyintortness. If you are Katie's friend you may meet him. wow. my sister is crazy. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas...ok?

I have extremely talented siblings. I can't get over Laura's ability to draw, and Katie brings so much joy into our home with her humour. Caleb can read and take in knowledge at a mind boggling speed, Zach is very witty, Benjamin can make a better paper snowflake than a 25 year old, and Peter can spot a leather coat from hundreds of metres away.

Alright...Peter has other talents as well.

I was talking to a friend of mine about how you are attracted to people who have qualities you wish you had. It's true...because we mimic eachother. Even natural leaders will mimic other people if they are admiring them. That's what I think.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Dreams...inconsistant angel things

I had a dream last night... (and remembered it) about getting my paperwork done for writing my licensing exam. I was at highschool, and all the teachers were lined up on the front steps, and all the kids were scattered over the lawn and when the bell went everyone ran off in different directions.

One funny thing is the school building...it's not the highschool I went to. I've somehow invented it, and it's been in my dreams before. I could draw you the lay-out I've dreamt of it so much.

So back to the dream, I ran off in a direction too, and walked for blocks and blocks. Then I walked back when I realized I had left my purse and had no money and no cellphone. When I got back the teachers signed a few places in my book and I was off again. I have no idea what happened to my purse...or my cell phone...and I remembered wondering why I didn't get all this done while I was actually IN highschool so I wouldn't have to do all this walking.

Dreams are crazy. But I think it pointed out to me how I feel about this paperwork. It's kinda stressing me out. In fact, my eye is twitching. Not right now, but occasionally. Last time this happened it lasted several months and had Anton convinced I was crazy. (Before that he had just assumed I was, haha

I hope you know that Christmas is less than 6 weeks away and that means it's ok to play your cds and start shopping.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Alright...the last thing I should be doing on the day I decided to stop putting off studying is blog more than once...but a person needs an occasional break right? Let the knowledge seep in a bit? haha I'd say Eumelanin and Pheomelanin can wait a bit.

I had to post again, I read something that hit a chord with me.
I'm reading "Look Me in the Eye" by John Robinson. He has Aspergers Syndrome, but didn't find out until late in life. This meant a rough and difficult childhood trying to pretend he was like other people and wondering why he wasn't.
He gives an example in the book of trying to respond properly to a conversation with a woman he knew. He says the wrong thing and ends up offending the woman. The thing she said to him was, "One of my girlfriends is having an affair. And the guy rides a motercycle just like yours!" He had no idea how to respond to that, because she didn't say who it was, so he's wondering why she'd tell him. And her sentences weren't connected in any way he could see except for maybe because he has a motercycle he should be having an affair too...?? He ends up saying, "Which girlfriend is that?" and she is immediatly suspicious and asks him why he'd ask that. (pretty confusing)
He says after giving the example that he realized later that she'd said it for his entertainment, to get a reaction out of him. He was neither entertained or had any reaction...he was just confused.
He says farther on, "In my opinion, people should not make statements unless they are prepared to respond to questions about the words they utter. But the world doesn't always work that way." He knew by then that asking about which girlfriend it was was the wrong thing to say, but thinks it should be open season since she brought it up.

I've personally run into this a bit lately, people will say something to me, but I'm not suposed to question any of it, just listen and absorb and somehow understand. So I agree with him. If you don't want to reveal something, just don't mention it at all.

I'm writing my licensing exam soon

It's time to get serious about this studying thing, Tamara...no more putting it off. Otherwise it will be like throwing a hundred dollers off the side of a bridge and watching it float away down the river. Or like using $100 to wall paper a dollhouse. Or like making $100 into little airplanes to throw at people.

I actually don't care about that so much, I just want to pass it the first time. And a high mark would be nice too.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Friends :)

Yesterday, I did something that to anyone who didn't know me would look silly. Really silly. The cool thing was, the people who witnessed it did know me, and they smiled and laughed and didn't condemn me at all. And I walked away laughing too because it is so nice to be known that well.