Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pizza...that is a weird word

I was just reading an email from Candice to our girls bible study group, and I was laughing at the little note for me, we often write a little message to each girl in the group, kind of like a list, "sal, how's it going?,"judy! you are lovely!" that kind of thing. ( I don't know any Sal's and all the Judy's I know are married and stuff. names were changed to protect identities..:) Anyway, I was laughing because my name had a huge AARRGH in front of it. like this, " AARRGH TAMMY!!" I am totally going to be her bridesmaid! That's doubly exciting because she is marrying my brother.
I went snowboarding yesterday. I had a weird feeling the entire evening before and on the trip up that I would get hurt. So I brought a book. Sort of as insurance against getting hurt. (superstitious?) And I went fast the whole day, but it was a careful fast... ALso, I was the only girl besides Cassy in the group I was with the entire day, so we just played it up a bit (being female) and made the guys wait for us at the bottom of each lift. I don't feel too bad because it's not like they were waiting there forever, it just allowed for some bonding time. :)
I didn't get hurt, by the way. I'm just sore. The hardest part was getting up at 7:00 today to go to school. Did you know that people get up at 5:00 in the morning to go snowboarding in Collingwood? It's so crazy.
I love doing art, and I love stretching my creativity with the assignments I get at school, but I think I'm getting sick of having to do things in a certain time frame and, within reason, a certain way. Like this suit project we are doing right now. "Use a suit, transform it completely!" well, that sounds really simple until you start on one idea, thats when she tells you that's not what she meant. And then your next idea isn't what she meant either, so the assignment gets more complex and none of it is in writing and she can't remember anything farther back than last week... But I finally came up with an idea that she thinks is pretty good. I'm going to..actually nevermind. It would take too long to describe and I spent the last 8 hours thinking about it and I don't want to spend anymore time thinking about it. so too bad.
At Pizza Hut last night I shared a pizza with Anton, but it was too much for me to finish, so I told the waiter I needed a box to take the rest home in, and Anton said that Pizza Hut pizza is made different and doesn't keep very well and wont taste good if you don't eat it right away. But I didn't believe him. And he was right. :S ouch. He will probably forgive me for not believing him if he reads this. Well actually, now that I think about it he has probably forgotten and won't care!
Time to put some straps on some dress. seeya


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