Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm going to draw and wax Katie's eyebrows now

A boy sees a girl from across the room, and decides to walk over. She is looking slightly lost in space, but truly, who cares right? interupt!

B: You look friendly.
G: I am, good observation skills.
B: In that case what is your name?
G: Sabrina.
B: Sabrina, does it irritate you when people say your name everytime they have something to say to you?
G: Sabrina is a movie name.
B: You are witty and that doesn't answer my question but I won't do it again anyways.
G: Again, very observant.
B: Please, call me Harold.
G: Harold, I tried really hard to put a lot of movies into my life. Is Harold a movie?
B: Not yet!
G: You are witty too!
B: Thank you!
G: You're welcome!
B: What should you be doing right now?
G: Drawing a picture and waxing Katie's eyebrows.
B: Well, get to it.
G: I would, but my computer is so slow that I told my mother that if we had highspeed I wouldn't take an hour to do 20 minutes of work.
B: And then she said that since your Dad started working out of the house he doesn't care about our internet state anymore.
G: Then I said something similar.
B: How was your parfait from Zehrs today?
G: I didn't end up getting one, because they all had strawberries and so and so is allergic. not me though, I could have eaten them in 5 seconds. Except I had just had lunch.
B: So and So enjoyed her pineapple hopefully.
G: You shouldn't lie.
B: What do you mean?
G: We've are friends. Not strangers.
G: Liar
B: I feel like I've known you forever. What can I say.
G: But I lied too.
B: How did you lie?
G: The parfait was for her, not me.
B: I'm glad we cleared that up.
G: You are crazier than I am.


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