Thursday, January 19, 2006

Not a lady's pearls....

My sister wrote a play the other day. She has a knack for that sort of thing. Words just pour out of her. Her writing is usually really humorous too, but I think we laugh because we know her so well, not because they are honestly hilarious. Just to us. I think other people will laugh, but not like, big gruffaws. Anyway, Laura, my other sister, wants to name it " A lady's pearls". :S ha.
I'll talk about Laura for a bit. She put on an Egyptian dress, turned our piano to demo mode and danced to rock music. haha. Now she is sitting here waiting for me to put her to bed and saying things like. " Siiigh...I thought the one who is the put to bedder would have to do all the waiting."
Oh. dad's home. I should put her to bed.


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