Friday, January 20, 2006

taking photos+no money=dumb

Well, today is photo day.
Yes. I love this day.
I'm beginning to discover that it's pretty dumb to take pictures all the time when you have no job...That is why I'm not going ice skating this afternoon and am instead dropping off resumes. If I were to go skating I would probably be struck with the idea of bringing along my camera..and then Bam, there's another 10 dollars gone.
I need to make a baby shirt for my project too today... I have made a bonnet and a pair of bright pink baby pants (with feet! awww!), so now I just have to complete the outfit. I'm making everything from a men's suit and a woman's dress. I'm hoping that the finished product will show that if you are going to have kids, you are going to have to make some sacrifices for them. So I've taken one of the sleeves off the suit, and a pocket, and a button, and I've cut the pattern for the pants out of the skirt of the dress so that what is left is hanging in tatters from the waist. A few buttons are missing there too. I'm going to have the clothing hanging on a clothesline for my performance video. Don't worry, there will be wind and stuff. I'm pretty sure it will work out. haha.
I should figure out how to post photos on here....
Laura and I did a 'photo shoot' this morning. She is so cool...wow. What a trooper. Wearing boots 4 sizes to big and running through some mud. Well, not mud, more like our lawn right now. It is just soggy. Her heels were sinking in to the ground like mine were doing during the wedding photos after Sarah and Kev's wedding. nice feeling. She looked super cute though.
I'm on the computer to print off resumes but so far I haven't done that. Not even a little bit. siiigh.
ok, done. All I needed was a little guilt trip to get me going.

Kay, more seriously,
Does anyone need a haircut?? I'm hoping to boost my clientale a little bit.:) You can talk to John, Ryan, Anton, or my family if you need reasurance..haha. I have no idea why you'd need to though! I know how to dye hair too..just so you know.

Resumes are printed... better scoot.


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