Monday, December 04, 2006


I said to Tasha at school today,

" Say silk five times fast!"
"silk, silk, silk, silk, silk..."
"what do cows drink?"

no they don't...

Why does that one always work? My little brother asked me that the other day and had a great time laughing at me afterwards. It hurts a bit because he's 6 and knows more jokes than I do. He's got a mind like a steel trap. It hurts more because I've been told that one before, and it worked then too.
Huge realization.
I'm just like my mother.

Anyway, a bit scary news, my car was acting funny the past little while and so my Dad called a man to get it fixed and we found out that there was something seriously wrong with something around the wheel area, and I could have been in a bad accident and it's kind of amazing that I wasn't. So that's not too cool, but it comes at a good time because adding a bit more drama to my storage of it goes pretty much unnoticed nowadays.
Is anyone else as surprised as I am to discover that I am a drama queen?


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