Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Hello World
So I've got a new job recently. It was a bit of a whirlwind. Yeah, and no one knew I wanted a new job. I didn't either, lol.
One day at school my teacher turned to me and asked if I was happy where I was. I said,
"You mean where I'm sitting?"
"No, where you work"


I hadn't really thought about it too extensively before she asked me that, but I knew that I wasn't planning on staying where I was forever, which says something about how happy I was.

Anyway, so she told me about a salon in kitchener that was looking to hire reliable- hard- working -keen- to -learn apprentices and she thought I would "do awesome" there. SO that was pretty cool. Who would say no to that?

So I applied, and got it and started working there and then it hit me that now I have to hand in my 2 weeks notice and I won't be working at my old job and I won't even be welcome there anymore. Ouch..then I kind of crashed and it was a bad weekend last weekend trying to figure out if I was making a mistake.

I had just started to get comfortable where I was, and I just finally knew how to do everything and was starting to do better at stuff, and I was leaving??

It was really hard, but I took the new job and handed in my two weeks this afternoon. I'm a bit sad. Maybe I didn't really fit in and they thought I was young and naive, but that was just a challenge to prove myself. The atmosphere is super fun there, they are young and fashionable, and theres classic rock and disco playing most of the time. It was just a cool place. It still is a cool place, but I won't see it anymore. Kind of sad don't you think? :(

Now I'm starting again, which is a bit excited because I love starting new things. I don't like being the new person, but I have a feeling that this salon will be great. I already feel more confident there, and I don't think I will be looked down on.

I guess what I mean is I will be considered an adult. Which is pretty cool.


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