Monday, November 06, 2006


It's been one of those days...
*Monday, first of all. Enough said.
*My car broke
*Bad news about a friend
*Board Meeting

All of which led me to thoughts like this: " I don't think I want to be a hairdresser." And " I want to move to Alberta!" And " Why is it that I have a million things I want to do but they all involve loads of waiting and money?" and " Why am I doing so many things I don't actually like doing?"

Hairdresser means " One who dresses or cuts hair" hmm....most of my classmates like calling themselves Hairstylists instead. It's newer and cooler. But when I looked it up...
Hairstylist\sty-list\ HAIRDRESSER

Another cooler thing is calling blowdrying, Blowstyling. ooo

When my car broke I was really distracted because I felt suffocated and trapped like I've never felt at school before. It's funny how when your means of escape disappears you get a little crazy. Peter used to pace around the house and snap at everyone when his car had it's wheels off or broke. But my Dad saved me later. And when we got home again he fixed the computer.

My Dad is Officially Super Dad:)

The CYA retreat was this past week. I drove up by myself on Saturday morning. Travelling is good, when you go with someone. After an hour of driving I was bored silly. And I never stop unless someone else wants to. lol. It was an odd day...I knew I'd only know a few people, but I wanted to go anyway, thinking I'd just make new friends...but I don't know. The morning was fun, and I was so happy to be there that you could have smacked me and I'd laugh. But by lunch I was feeling really lost, and just after I was considering leaving..I was going to run off when no one was looking...but I ended up staying until basically the end. It got better and there were a few nice girls who talked to me :) It mostly made me realize yet again that if some one new is in your circle, it's hundreds of times easier for you to say hi than them.
Was it good that I went - considering I was alone? I have no idea. But you make choices and live with them right?


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