Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The past 6 days or so have been rough.
But I have a few friends who come through when I don't expect it. It's so cool.
I was dropped a note that said 'Tamara' with hearts all over it just when I needed something-even if I didn't know what it was at that minute, on Monday night and felt loads better and glued it into my journal.
It happened again today, a note with 'Tamara' and hearts all over it. It was from a different friend, 2 friends actually, and contained these words;


Do you still love us?Check Yes or No.

Yes (you better check this one)
No (you better NOT check this one!

I'm a bit of a rebel and x'ed instead of checked...but they just threw a towel at me and I think we are still friends..lol. the reason they wrote me was 'cause I ignored them after they seemed to be ignoring me. SO I was committing revenge and they were super sweet about it...in their own way.

Anyway. I really wanted to be a Living Worship groupie on th 28th but found out that I had to work, so I was coming to terms with the loss ... when I was told that I HAD to be at youngpeoples. I knew there was a guilt trip involved if I said no, so I was a bit bugged because I feel forced now and when it comes to yps I don't want to be forced. Forced happiness just doesn't cut it you know?

"You can go to the one this week ( if you want!)" Well thanks! you guys are super nice!

I'll get over it though, at least I'm making money now. Maybe I'll be able to pay off my Dad, my insurance, and those wedding presents. Keep getting engaged and married people! I'm learning a good life lesson- what it means to be poor. But someday it will be my turn and then you can spend money on me.

That will be great.


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