Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back in Black

I'm enjoying being 20. It's different than other ages. It's like being old enough to be respected, but still youthful. People who've known me since I moved here are starting to realize that I'm older and have begun treat me that way. It's funny because I wasn't waiting for it to happen, it just sort of did and it's cool.

Someone said that between your 20's and 30's your confidence grows and grows, and then sometime after that it starts going backwards until you are insecure again. What do you think of that? I've seen a lot of really confident older women, but I see a lot of insecurity in older women too, similar to girls going through puberty ( caring what people think, how they look, dress, act, the tidiness of their house.) I'd personally like to keep growing in confidence, but we'll see I guess.

Another cool thing about this age is having lots to look back on, and lots to look forward to still. I think youth is all about dreaming and planning your future, and then later on you look back more than forward. I'm in the happy medium right now.


At school we read the magazines that are lying around and you know how Elle and Vogue will have age issues? and how to dress for your age? I actually have a category now!

-Yesterday was my cousin's wedding. Lots of fun. Anton and I had our first dance...haha. Sadly, it wasn't to the 'first dance' cd like we planned, but it turned out ok. He didn't step on my feet.


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