Sunday, July 23, 2006

Peter and Candice

I'm just sitting here minding my own business...
And Peter and Candice are talking about something, lego maybe? and then Peter announces he's going to change out of his Sunday clothes into something more comfortable. He didn't say that last part. So anyway, he hands Candice something, and she's like " what, you're going to call me from your room?" and sure enough, he calls her from his bedroom with their new phones and she's sitting behind me and he's in his bedroom near me and I can hear both ends of the conversation.
I'm thinking and talking to Laura at the same time...
"Peter and Candice are both here in my house, talking on phones in seperate rooms to eachother....WOW."
So, They are just chattering away for a bit, and I tune out...
Then I hear Candice say, " hehe I can't! 'cause Tammy's in the room!" Ew.
And then she said, " Come back here, the couch is cold." ( see above)
And he says he's not done yet.
Then she says " How can you not be dressed yet?"
and then I hear Peter yell from his room " Because it takes me a long time!"
Then he hung up on her.
And I'm still sitting here wondering at the weird world I live in.

At the salon yesterday, I was cleaning a sink and walked into and broke this clear plastic display case cover and freaked out because I'm so new it hurts, so it would be better not to break stuff!!! but anyway, I put it on the counter ( it's small..by the way, I'm not that blind) to show the boss and one of the stylists walks by and sees it and I'm sitting there cringing, waiting for her reaction. She's like " Hey! this is perfect!"and she takes the broken off piece and walks off to her makeup table and uses it to mix foundation on. haha. I felt a little better. and as it turns out another girl there broke the one they had before this one, so I felt better again. Hopefully I'm not fired.


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