Saturday, July 01, 2006

July 1st

Congratulations to Marlene and Mark who are now old and married ;)

I've been to a lot of weddings lately. And at almost all of them I'm told, "Maybe you will be next!" I'm sure that's true...the maybe part. siigh. I don't know why people remind single people that they are single.

I got my hair cut again. It's been described as "classy" "chic" "stylish" "Modern" and "totally hairstylish!!!!" (guess who said that!) I'm not sure though, I would describe it with this word, " Mullet" But when I said that to Alex he said it wasn't a mullet..and if it was it was a flowy mullet. I'll post a picture eventually and get some "mullet or not mullet" votes. and you all have to vote.

I just realized that I am once again missing Fireworks! (Happy Canada Day!) It's ok..I saw Mark getting his shirt cut up and made into diapers, kleenex, and doilies, and I saw Marlene throw her bouquet to Candice. And I saw Candice catch it. And I got to eat amazing food. Wow Marlene throws a good party. !!!


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