Friday, June 23, 2006

Her name was Sharon

I moved out onto the floor at 8:45 this morning. At 9:30 I got my first Marvel client ever. It was a manicure...phew. I was scared I would have to do color on somebody and have a mental breakdown. She was super nice...so now I'm really excited about becoming a hairdresser again. I didn't think I'd get a client until maybe next week, because the two girls who were out before me were out for 2 weeks before Maria assigned them to anyone. It was way better this way though, I wasn't nervous about it really (unless it was color) but it's always good for me to just do things and not have a lot of time to think about it. Thinking things through carefully is something I do for pretty much everything...which is a good thing unless it comes to things I have to do. Like getting gas for my car...If I think about it I convince myself to put it off for another day. If I look down and think " I need to get gas soon" and then just do it it's way easier. Life lessons..siigh.

I got a $2 tip for the manicure. :D

And when I got home I colored my Mom's hair.

I poked my little brother, and then he chased me to my room and smacked himself on the head on my door knob ( It's a stupid doorknob) and then he cried and I put ice on it and then he stopped crying and said, " What did you do to me again?" and I said, " I poked you..." and he levels a sober gaze at me and says, "That wasn't very nice." He usually is a solemn voice of reason for me. Sets me straight. Pulls my flaws out into the light. Demands respect. When it comes to Benj, if it's not funny, it's not funny. He's so cute.


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