Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Something I've noticed recently...

With certain guys I know, either for a long time or a short time, they act really nice when they meet you, and when you are single. BUTT, As soon as they know you are unavailable to them they don't treat you as well. I had this recently, as soon as the guy knew I wasn't interested in dating HIM, he began to treat me differently and I noticed immediately. I need to say that he wasn't acting forceful or super nice before hand, but I could tell that it wasn't him as I usually know him. So anyway, I think it's a bit dumb because if I'm your friend and you are a guy you can just treat me like a friend and act nicely to me without worrying that I'll fall in love with you. I've learned that unless a guy says something along the lines of " I like you" that I should assume he doesn't. I've made huge plans in the past on tiny little things like " OH! he said hi to me!"
Another guy I've known for years and considered a friend - won't talk to me in public. He says Hello and Bye, but if I'm at his house and theres only his family around he is pretty much the friendliest guy ever. What is that??? I hate it. I get mad everytime. I think it's because he is concerned with his image in front of his other friends. I dn't think I'd be that damaging to his image, but who knows. I wish he would just act like friends with me, because that's what we are.

ANyway. I won't say anymore tonight. :)


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