Sunday, October 01, 2006

This afternoon

I went to the Hamilton Life Chain. I couldn't decide which city to go to, but ended up in Hamilton. It was good. I had a nice talk with Julia about stuff.
When we were younger, my friends and I would count how many honks and middle fingers we'd get. It's a bit harder to approach it that way as you get older. I don't think it showed today, but abortion effects me pretty badly, and I've never dealt with it directly. In highschool I did a painting of a baby in the womb, and I was suposed to talk about it to my classmates and teacher on a given day, and I thought about what I would say, but just ended up standing there sobbing. It was kind of rough. I don't know why it is, but I can hear about war and famine and not blink an eye, but abortion gets to me.

Anyway. It's been a really beautiful day-I forced myself to go outside because I know the leaves are all going to be off the trees in a matter of days and I want to see them before they are all gone. I think I missed them at their best though. :( sad. Should have forced myself sooner. We have 39 acres of swampy/maple-lyness that we barely ever use. It's perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and tent caterpillars and all those other lovely creatures.

I'm back...it's evening now. I just got home from church and I'm eating the one type of food that I try to only eat once a year. Pumpkin Pie. I really really like it, but its too much after one slice, and I need a year to recover. lol. That's possibly not true though, I may have had my last slice less than a year ago. I'm not too exact.
Now I'm going to watch a romantic movie upstairs. I need help...99.9 times out of 100 I only watch movies that have passed the inspection of at least 4 people in my house. That means anything science fiction, cleanfunny or family friendly is ok in the evening, and the rest of the day it's only family friendly. I understand the reasoning behind this, since we have lots of little kids running around, but we only have one t.v. with only 6 channels and because of the movie scanning I don't see very many movies I want to. Does anyone want to have a movie night? :)


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