Wednesday, November 01, 2006

looks are deceiving

The funny thing about those little carrots...wait...I'll find the real name; 'baby peeled carrots', the funny thing about those baby carrots is they aren't that good. But you take one anyway, because they look good. And then you are forced to keep eating them, hoping to discover one that actually tastes like a carrot and not like dirt. And to mask the taste of the dirt-like one.
In Alberta we grew carrots. And they were amazing. When they tasted like dirt at least it was real dirt...nice and black and healthy.

I went on a sleep over last night. I don't like them as much as I used to. It must be a sign that I'm getting old, because I'd rather be in my own bed. Anyway...Tong Tong and I colored her hair and it turned green. She laughed..I cried- Then at school today I was told what I did wrong and now I can fix it! Learning is fun!

She writes her name like this: ToNg tOnG
My chinese name is Toh Maina
And Riki's is RingKay


My friend Laura M has a link from her blog to mine with a heart next to it. 5 Things about Laura that I love.
1. She's a total sweetheart
2. She is in tune with emotions
3. She knows when to say something and when to just hug you.
4. She remembers you when you aren't standing in front of her.
5. She talks so cute ;)

I Love you Laura!


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