Saturday, January 21, 2006

Worth the money spent on photos...

Yes! my pictures worked out way better than I expected. Not a huge surprise if you do everything right... but I didn't. I opened the film thinking it was done winding up. But it only affected about 4 of the pictures and looks really cool on one of them.
Anyway. I took Katie and her friend shopping tonight. I needed them along for strength. We dropped off my film and went to Old Navy and I tried to give them a resume but aparently they do all their hiring online now... Then we went to A&W and appreciated some fries. (I mean it, we really appreciated them. :S Katie is so weird) Then picked up my film and I waited until I was home to open them because Katie and Nicole wanted to watch mutant X or something crazy like that.
Haha...funny story...I went to the bank tonight and there was only this other guy there and I kept feeling his eyes on me...and then when I was done he turns to me and smiles and says "Have a good night" and kind of nods. I was like " seeya" :S When I got back to the car Katie and Nicole were laughing and said he looked at me and smiled (At the back of my head?) like 4 times before talking to me. They were like, " Awwww! It was Sooooo Cute! Did he ask you out??" Kind of weird don't you think?
Alright. Have a good Sunday:)


  • At January 21, 2006 6:58 PM , Blogger undoubtably_me said...

    Sweet! Definitely want to see those pictures sometime.

    What's your email? I think I lost it... boo. Tried sending you an email today, and couldn't find it. You can send it to Chris, and he'll get it to me.

    Thanks, & have a great Sunday!


  • At January 23, 2006 6:21 PM , Blogger michelle v said...

    Hay you,
    Still have cute gus chasing after you eh? I see nothing has changed since I left ;p no really I miss all you guys alot, its getting lonely out here,so you better come visit me soon!
    God bless

  • At November 12, 2006 5:44 PM , Blogger michelle v said...

    Update your blog chickee baby ;)


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