Thursday, January 26, 2006

Right now I am wearing a turquoise, brown, and orange dress.

So. This week has been so productive and so stressful. We have until thursday to get 4 projects done and handed in (at school) I've done so much work. I was 'explorative' and took 'risks' and was 'playful' with my art, but John was still unhappy with it all. He says my art style is too conservative and I need to expand on it more and try other more things. :s I am frustrated. He hasn't seen most of what I've done, so he's just speaking based on the few sentences I got out before he started talking. But I won't talk about him because it makes me angry.
I was dizzy during life drawing. :S I finally did some drawings that I liked though, I've been really unhappy with them lately. It's like I can't do it anymore! I took my medieval dress to school to show my classmate, Yvonne, because she loves clothes like I do. Anything old and weird is pretty cool to her. Anyway, I left the life drawing room to sit down at my desk for awhile so the room would stop spinning and Kim came in and tried on the dress and then lifted her skirts and ran accross the room to peek out at everyone. She's funny.
Yesterday was an amazing day. I love wednesdays...we have Tim that day and he is our best teacher I think. He uses the word "dynamic" way too often though. I guess my work is really dynamic..:S
A few weeks ago, we were doing an exercise where you get a word out of a hat, and then you have to research it and make drawings and just expand on it...to teach us something? My word was Birth, and that right away made me think of my faith and re-birth. I considered just going a different direction like butterflies...but I stuck with the faith idea and it expanded and I made drawings and it was pretty cool, but then we had to share. So I talked about my faith and started crying and couldn't finish. (Did I already tell about this??) I managed to get enough words out that they understood why I was crying, but it was embarassing. Anyway, yesterday we were having a work period and everyone was just talking to eachother while they worked and somehow the topic of religion came up and Michelle told me that when I cried the other week that it really touched her and made her miss going to church. I was so surprised. I was like "oh." :S !!! Isn't that cool? I don't know. I just feel like God is using me right now.
It's amazing, now that the topic is open and out there and everyone knows for sure because I said " I'm a christian" so they don't have to rely on their assumptions, it's become easier for me to be there. I was floored at how much respect I get too. I think that's why it's so hard to speak up, you assume that they are going to gang up on you and shoot you down but when I started crying in class that day they were all SO nice to me. They told me it was beautiful to be that passionate about something. (which didn't make the crying stop...:S) And Yvonne said, " Is it hard to talk about because you know we are all not christians?" Yes!! it is! :( I was humbled to the ground.
Vanessa asked me if I knew any bible verses on the woman's role in the bible. She's very much a feminist and takes it seriously. I showed her the ones I knew about a wive's role, but there aren't a lot just on woman. A wife has special instructions. Vanessa isn't a wife though...so I was pretty sure she wouldn't care too much for the verses. She was reading Ephesians 5 22-29 and she said, " This is interesting,.." and I was thinking " she's going to say something about how it tells the wife to submit..." but Vanessa just read it out loud and then said, " If this was how it always was, there would be way less problems. Why aren't people like this?"
That's my life this week. Oh and my car is acting weird so I'm like gripping the wheel tight with both hands while I drive and now I have constantly sore shoulders. I hope whatever it is is nothing serious and expensive to fix.
Movie time! Caleb described it as " An Action movie where everything blows up." I forget the name.


  • At January 27, 2006 7:07 AM , Blogger Laurs said...

    Wow what a week.. and AMEN to God using you like He is! That's incredible.. and I know if you stick through it, God'll show you amazing things, and the Holy Spirit is definately working in your classmate's lives eh? How exciting :D!!!!!! SEe you soon.
    L ox

  • At February 01, 2006 6:12 PM , Blogger Candice said...

    you know that I didn't even know you had a blog recently?

    I'm pathetic.

    I'm so excited about your week, Tam - oh, and you know - I KNEW something good was going to come out of that note Marcia put in your book. And no, I don't know what it said...


  • At February 07, 2006 11:37 AM , Blogger michelle v said...

    I'm soo proud of you Tam! your really living out your faith and its awesome that God is using that to create and impact on your class mates lives. Keep it up!


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