Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Marvel days

Our lunch room at school in in the school building, but you can't get to it except if you go outside and into an indented doorway, and up some narrow smelly stairs. Then you are greeted with a small lunchroom, table with seating for about twelve people, 5000 lockers for us to use (we don't use them) a very old microwave and an empty room with a closet off of it that contains all the new kits for future students. mmhmm..we feel like eating when we sit there. I wont describe the bathrooms.

Anyway, Riki and I sat up there today for lunch. I was across from her at the table, and she kicked me for more leg room, complained about the way I cough into my hand and told me my lunch looked gross. So I whistled a long drawn out note while looking her in the eye. Riki hates when I whistle. She thinks I do it to bother her, but I just do it without thinking. Today it was on purpose. She frowned and yelled " STOP IT!!!!" and I got up (and laughed) and skipped to the door singing, " I don't have to listen to you anymore because I'm almost done my hours!!" and then I started whistling again, and she got up and chased me out into the hall, down the stairs (where the whistling echoed really nicely) outside onto the walkway, into the school and right to the door of the teachers lunch room where she let out a swear word at the top of her lungs in total frustration.

She got in trouble. But we were friends again in about 5 minutes. It's weird that way. I knew the entire time that if things were different, like if I were really sensitive, we wouldn't be friends at all. Since I'm the way I am, I can let her be how she is and still like her a lot. lol!! She is so hilarious. She can be painfully sweet too, you just have to let her be her. I'm going to miss her when I'm done.


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