Tuesday, January 09, 2007


At GBS last night we were talking about everything as usual, when Laura said, " yeah..it's like a watermelon coming out of a ...melon." about giving birth. :0 Marlene and Mark are So having a girl. We know it.

I cut my finger at school today. It's a hairdressing school-we are around scissors all day long- and yet the only bandaid I was able to find was in the purse of one of my classmate's mom. It had been in there a long time too. It looked a bit like how a gum wrapper looks after you crush it up a bunch of times, spit on it, and hold it in your palm all day long.

But it worked, so I won't complain. I should probably bring my own bandaids, except I'd be handing them out so often I wouldn't have any when I need them. Wait...maybe the other girls had bandaids but wouldn't give me any for that reason! ..that's eye opening... I do that with tylenol and advil. I don't bring any because I just hand them out at the first request and pretty soon they are all gone and I get home and my Mother wonders what I'm going through to need that much medication.


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