Sunday, February 11, 2007


this 'new blogger' doesn't look any different to me.

Katie and I made a movie, well, more like a reality show. I was the Magazine Lady/Amazing Make-over Director, and Katie was the model. Her before was pretty awful. It was complete with frizzy hair, acne, sweat pants and extremely bad posture. We never made it to the after though, because we ran out of tape. We only got to the part of the makeover we dubbed 'the wax' in which we removed a large clump of hair from her armpit that we had taped there. It was great. I just wish we had had enough ambition to find an empty tape.

We also made our very own version of American idol, but it would take a lot of work still before it is viewable.

So, sadly, both of these films will remain as simply afternoon fun for me and my sister and will not be seen by anyone else. heehee


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