Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I stayed home from school and got some work done on my projects. I decided to do portraits and color film work and also black and white with only textures...(it would take too long to explain..:) But I can't really do any of it at school because my subjects are my brothers and sisters. So I got some great shots today. Benjamin can snowboard! He is so amazing! haha, I took him to see that new Curious George movie last night for his birthday. He was really worried that it would be too scary for him, because he went to see the Polar Express with Mom and freaked and had to leave. :) But it wasn't scary at all. I really enjoyed it too..hehe..not ashamed to say it.
So I get to go to Blue Mountain afterall! I'm pretty sure I have a ride set up, and I've freed-up the day... I just have to break it to mom. She worries non-stop the entire day when I go snowboarding. Maybe I'll tell her that I'll call her during the day, so that she knows I'm still alive. She especially hates the young peoples trip we take everyyear because we get the day/night pass, which is basically 12 hours of snowboarding.
I had a job interview the other day, but I didn't get a call back. It's discouraging, but I'm glad I made it to the interview stage...I was getting a little worried. I've dropped off so many resumes in the past month. siigh.
I working on those photos for school, plus a sculpture, (It's called 'relationship', nice eh?) plus drawings for a ballad my sister wrote....which isn't for school necessarily. I'd like it to be, but it's more of a job. ha. I drew this heron with ink the other day...really really messy when you decide to smear ink with your hands. :D I need to figure out how to post pictures on here.
Benjamin told me the other day, "Don't drink alcohol when you is driving." He is way too serious. He had no reason to say that to me, just in case you were wondering. He is just So cute.
Living Worship was by far the best one yet. It went so good! I am enjoying it more than citb mostly because I know every song instead of only 2. or 3. As my sister pointed out, you get to see people from everywhere...from her homeschool group, her choir, church, and other churches all in the same place.
Ok, time to watch Wives and Daughters!


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