Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sculptures and Ants

I'm making this sculpture.. it's two branches with holes drilled all up and down the bases with copper wire through the holes which attaches the branches together about 6-8 inches apart, so that it looks a bit like a ladder, sort of. It's suposed to represent a relationship, the branches are people, and the wire is the bonds between them. It comments on how I believe that bonds are built between people as they get to know eachother and that to break them apart leaves scars. Which it would, because I had to drill the holes to attach the wires, which shows the effort you have to put into a relationship in order for it to work. Without the wires now, it just has holes...empty places where something beautiful was. SNiFF.
haha...Just thought I'd get a bit dramatic.
I took pictures of Laura this afternoon. I dressed her up and did her hair again..this time I used my small curling iron and made this huge wad of curls right by her forehead. AWW. It was ridiculous! I set up my tripod, and told her to put the piano on demo mode and dance and I'd just take pictures whenever I felt like it, so she started dancing, and I'm leaning over squinting into the camera and I saw a good shot, but missed it...so I told her to keep dancing accross this same area, to see if I could get it again, but Laura (being Laura) always managed to fling her hand out in some ballarina move right into the camera just as I hit the trigger. So I will mostly have photos of her blurry hand...:S
She is special. :) Here's the conversation I just had with her...
Laura- " Do I look good in this colour?" (Purple)
" Do I look good in THIS colour?" (silver)
" yes.."
" Do I look good in THIS colour?" ( Blue)
" Yes.."
" I must look good in every colour...there MUST be some colour I look bad in!"

I don't have much else to write. I made a lot of drawings today...and they are all very colorful...but I can't say I liked any of them. I enjoyed the process, but they only took a few minutes each and so are lacking that hard work aspect that makes them valuable.
So maybe I won't keep them. Or I'll cut them up.

Oh! Funny story! There are ants at school...lots of big carpenter ants. The building I am in is really old, and so that's not that surprising. They were really starting to get on my nerves, but my hero, Bryan, (classmate) brought in ant poison yesterday and put it in globs all over my desk and made a big sign that said, " Caution-Poison" (Because I wasn't there yesterday so I would have unknowingly put all my stuff right on top and would have probably died.) But anyway, the funny part was watching the ants today. On a usual morning, and ant would come speeding out from somewhere towards my sketchbook down the edge of my desk at full speed towards whatever was closer, food or me...and yikes. I used to be creeped out, but after killing 20 a day you just get used to it. ( I still cringe a bit at that crunch sound, though...:S) BUT, today, the ants were very obviously affected by something, and they were just sitting around, shaking there heads slowly back and forth, and if I poked them with a pencil they went NUTS for around 4 seconds before collapsing. They could not even walk straight. I saw one sit with his head in the poison for a good ten minutes, then get slowly out, and then another came up and I guess the first ant must have been sharing, but it looked like an kiss to me...an ant kiss. Then they both did some swaggering and left, very slowly. HOPEFULLY TO THE QUEEN TO SHARE SOME MORE!
Anyway. It would be nice to for once not take some home with me to kill later. They hide out in my bag...like stowaways...but we all know that they couldn't possibly know what stowaway-ing is. It's gross. I had my bag washed so maybe the invisible lure (scent? sugar?) is gone.
But I will leave now. I have to drill more holes.


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