Thursday, February 16, 2006


I ate Sushi for the first time today. Crab, plus avocado, cucumber, seaweed and rice. It was kinda good. I can't help that "RAW!" thought though...yuck. I had it plain and with soya sauce and I think I put too much on because it was just gross. But I've tried Sushi finally. It must be good for you...with all that avocado and stuff...:)
So my entire family except Peter are going skiing at Glen Eden tomorrow. I was signed up, but then decided not to go, but now I regret it. I guess I could do stuff that I can't normally do when my family is home. (Like what?) But I'm going Monday to Blue Mountain so I hope that will make up for missing Glen Eden. Not like it's amazing or better than Blue... Actually, I'm not sure why I even wrote that. Yay Blue Mountain!
Starting right now I'm on reading week. I've never had one before :) I think I'm going to sew. I don't have anything to read but Gone with the Wind. Yes..I'm still reading it...I just don't have a lot of time to read. Now I do! But I'm going to sew!
Mom thinks I'm going to Blue mountain because I'm in love with someone who is going. haha. I love my Mom.


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