Friday, April 14, 2006


I am in one of the best moods available in the world! at least as far as I've experienced in my 19 years. :D I just love my sister so much. I am so thankful to have her as a sister because she is also my best friend so we can see eachother whenever!!! And I don't know how to stay mad at her. I think she can stay mad at me though...haha. Our family was at my Grandparents today and it was like before, when we'd drive out to Ontario from Calgary and stay for a week and do farm things and tame kittens and pick flowers and explore and change it up just enough that Grandma would notice after we left.

Katie and I went for a run. HAHA She is built like a cheeta or something, and I'm more like a elephant, but I made it down the whole driveway before passing out. The driveway is really long by the way. My Grandparents live next door to my Aunt and Uncle, but it's a good 20 minute walk, and their drive ways are about the same length, so like 5 minutes of running and I was ready to pass out! Isn't that awful? For Katie is just comes naturally. I'm more of a fast walker or a jogger. But whatever, I'll worry about that when we go on the Amazing Race together next year or so...:)

My cousins Joel and Isaac are the cutest little kids ever. Isaac is almost 5 and a total farm kid with the runny nose and dirty pants..eww. But he has this little kind of raspy voice and when he says things like " wanna watch me biking??" I just..oh man..so cute. When he is running away his feet pretty much hit his backside on every step. And Joel is 7 and has more than his share of freckles and really likes Katie and I. There are only boys in that family, so they usually spend more time around my sisters and I than the guys, or they just watch us. I've been called "he" and "him" by them because they don't know "she" and "her" !! Joel biked beside us while we 'ran' and told us where the wild dog was and what happened to the old shed and how fast he can go on his bike. Just cute. I love them.

Anyway...it's late. Goodnight!


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