Friday, February 17, 2006

Wild March Breaks

I picked up Teen Vogue today, and I read the article on Highschool March Breaks. One part described a teen in Cancun on March break who was so drunk, she was walking around from guy to guy asking them to 'hook up' with her, then she passed out in a pool and when her friend tried to give her water she spat in her face...and didn't remember a thing. That is insane. That makes me disgusted and ashamed, and I feel helpless because there is nothing I can do about that... What would I be able to do about teens getting away from their parents so that they can get drunk and have sex and not worry about it because once they are home it's like it never happened??? It DID happen. It makes me mad because I don't think I can explain myself. My stand isn't going to change anyones mind either, is it? It's one of those topics that just dies but leaves a lot of people mad. These kids will grow up into adults who will see plainly all the moral decay. If you are raised to do what feels good you can bet you aren't going to stop when it does, no matter what the cost. Having self control is admired in others, but when it comes to you, and denying yourself, it doesn't happen.
We are told to live for ourselves first, and then others, " love yourself, then you can love others." I can see some sense in that, if you are depressed and hate yourself, you are going to have a hard time finding the good in others, but you can't put yourself first and others second always. I tried to show that in my suit project at school. I had a suit and a dress and I took important pieces from them both like a sleeve and a pocket and a button...etc.. and made a complete baby outfit. It was suposed to show how if parents are going to have children, they aren't going to be be able to live for themselves first anymore, that baby is going to have needs and it can't take care of itself. The missing pieces represented the sacrifices parents make for their children.
Living for yourself just leads to fights about who is more worthy. I hear it in my house often. I wanted my sister to tidy up the sewing room after she used it...she said things like, " I already did my share of tidying in the basement" That phrase was repeated over and over, I think more to herself than to me so build up her resistance. She knew she was wrong, so she had to yell to drown out her conscience. It was coming out in gasps between her crying because she was just SO mad at me, but she finished the job.. :s (hope?) Directly after the 'teeth pulling' she turned around and says something to my brother along the lines of " You took it out, you put it back!" Sort of like 'If it's fair for me, you better believe I'm going to fight about it. '
It's pretty frustrating. Maybe I was just really affected by it today, but when you hear about things going so wrong that there seems to be no hope of a turn-around you just hate having to live with it...you know? I'm going to live with it, of course, it just seems like another revelation telling me how awful this world is.
This is why we need Jesus! And I get effected by things like that so that I know why I need Jesus. Does that make sense? We need those bad days to appreciate the good ones. Knowing what we are up against just makes us stronger and more sure in our faith.
I wouldn't be without it, you know? I can't imagine having no hope at funerals, and no hope when I've messed up. That is true comfort. Not like food, or yelling to drown out our conscience. It doesn't have to be yelling, I've out talked my conscience too many times too...but it didn't stop it completely. ( The guilt comes afterwards!)
I just know that when I am in my darkest moments and God is there, I just cannot imagine being without that comfort. Those are pure emotions. That is when I know for sure that I can't be quiet.


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