Thursday, March 02, 2006

Two weeks from today is the dead line for all my art projects. Actually, it will probably be the last time I ever have to meet a dead line when it comes to art projects. That feels weird.

I went snowboarding at Glen Eden yesterday and spent the whole day off my snowboard, on the bunny hill teaching Benjamin to snowboard! He is not scared of anything because he's so small, so as soon as I let go of his hands he'd turn on me and go straight down the hill with me racing after him yelling " Turn!!! Stop!! Fall!!! Don't hit the fence!" all of those things happened, eventually. Not in that order though. The first time he took off straight he made it, so because he knew he could do it he kept trying...the next couple of times he just fall over onto his bum, no harm done, but the one time he started picking up speed and was heading straight for one of the pillars, you know the ones that hole the snow-making machines? well, at ski hills they are always wrapped with these giant blue pillows and Benj smashed into them instead of killing himself. I was running down the hill to pick him up ( I could tell he was ok..haha) and I was thinking how happy I was that those guards were there, when I look at him as he's getting up and he has this HUGE frown on his face as he yells angrily, " WHO PUT THOSE THERE!?"

Anyway, I'm going to watch Without a Trace
Hey, Come to my art show!


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