Sunday, March 12, 2006

Oh hi. :P
This weekend I went to the conference at the other Sheffield church, Sheffield OPC. It was really fun. I wasn't even going to go at first. I was driving right past on my way home from Kingdom Seekers and remembered and dropped in. It's weird how you can arrive only a few hours after everyone else and feel like a new person. :) We played 4 on the couch with way too many people. But it worked some how...

I didn't stay for the end of the conference. I went home and cleaned the house and did homework like a studious person who is an over achiever. It's ok though. I would have had fun at the gym, but I would have been freaking out now while instead I can just relax and write here. I'm looking forward to the Vineland Conference in a few weeks. By then all my worries about art school will be over!

One more week of classes, then
A week for setting up the show,
Opening night that friday,
One week for the show,
And then?? hairdressing?? I hope so. We will see if it works out that way.
I can't wait to share disgusting hair facts with you all. During my tour of the school I saw a little card with a plastic square in the middle and the words " Lucy the Louse" written above it, and in the little square was indeed, a louse. dead, and placed there for inspection. :) I can't wait. haha


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