Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Weekend

I'm downloading pictures off my camera and I'm transferring three times to get the photos into different categories. There must be an easier way.

On friday night I went to Crabby Joe's with some old highschool friends. I had coconut shrimp...and wow..try it...you don't get a lot for your money, but it was amazing. You have to like both shrimp and coconut to like this(just so you know:). We went to Angela's after and walked to her barn in the dark. 7 girls and one flashlight...that was fun. I was wearing Angela's Dad's rubber boots and the rubber was so thick that my legs bounced back when I bent my leg to walk. Pretty funny-too bad it was so dark, it probably looked funny too.

I took a picture of Katie napping in the van on the way to Grandma's on sunday. If I was that mean I'd post it. It's one of those nostril view pictures. :D

Saturday Evening was the praise night. It was good and bad. Bad because I wasn't in the right mindset-it was a huge mental battle for awhile. It's so great to see so many people come out though. Every time we have it I wish I was more involved. But guitar really didn't stick, piano didn't either, and my singing is average at best. So I just watch. But there's a lot of stress involved, so when I see that I'm glad I'm one of the people who just comes. I think the living worship team does really well, even when there are emergencies like no drums. :) I won't try to tell the story behind that because I'll get it wrong!

On Sunday we went to Grandma's for Mother's Day. My Grandpa tried to get me to go to their youth service so I could meet "some young guy" but I told him I wasn't interested and that boys are trouble. He seemed alright with that. He pesters me to get a boyfriend until something actually happens- then it's all warnings about being too young and 'is he good enough'. It's nice to understand your grandpa. Grandma's flowers and cats are flourishing. I think 17 cats in the shed at last count. I get scared that some day they are all going to attack her when she's bringing their food...they are so wild. At least she doesn't have them in the house.

I was sad that there was no GBS/MC last night. I think I probably needed it. Wah.


  • At May 17, 2006 3:45 PM , Blogger anonymous said...

    easier way (re: pics): Transfer once. Highlite pics, press Ctrl-C. Then go to the other two folders you want the pics in and hit Ctrl-V.

    -Techie Host

  • At May 17, 2006 7:09 PM , Blogger Tamara said...

    I don't believe that there is a 'Techie Host' who reads my blog and helps me put photos on it.


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