Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dah Dah daaah

Gloria at school- bad sentence start- There is this woman named Gloria at school, and she is older, from africa, and was a hairdresser there, and had already taken the color class once in my school, is taking color class with me. But she doens't know or try to know any thing about color, she just comes over to my station and gets me to say word for word what I wrote so that she can write it down. She came over and moved my book from on top of my notes and copied what I had written. It won't help her, because all the formulas are different depending on the natural color of the hair to begin with. But it's frustrating...the other day she got into class late and my teacher was telling us what to highlight in our textbook and gloria got behind, so she comes up to me and says, "here, you fill it in for me, I don't know what she said." and she dumps her book in my lap. She is the only other christian at school, and she knows I am one, so I feel like I have to watch what I do even closer with her than with anyone else. Which could be good, but not when she takes advantage..right? Whatever. I've seen her do that with a lot of the other girls, so I started telling her to "go ask the teacher, go ask the teacher, go ask the teacher"

Katie and I ran around in the rain tonight. Soaking. Have you ever noticed how everythings feels closer when it's raining? We were out on our circle in bare feet and it was raining so hard that that's all we could hear, but we could see everything perfectly and it was like being in a movie, or a walled in area. So much action around us, but all the houses were still and there was no one out but us. It was so cool. Katie pointed out the 'wangdoodles" dancing all around us. :)

Tomorrow we are coloring our mannequins. ooh..I have such a good idea for mine. It's going to be smokin'. Hopefully Gloria can do her own without help. I enjoy helping Qimei, because I can understand why she needs help. Gloria just comes across as lazy to me. Qimei has to look up every other word in her chinese/english dictionary. She's so cute- we went shopping at Suzy tonight but they only have these sizes: 00, 0, 1, 3, 18, 22, 34, 50, 82 I'm not any of those.haha..Qimei picked up a t-shirt that was off-white and said, "Bleach you think? 10 volume? Ask Miss?" HAha..
(Uhhh, just so you understand that;
we have a black and white dress code, so off-white doesn't qualify;
we are learning to bleach hair;
volume is what is mixed with the color just before applying to the hair;
and Miss is what we call our teacher. )

This is why people don't explain inside jokes, you just really have to be there sometimes.

Anyway, I'm going to bed
TIP* don't inhale Marvel hairspray


  • At May 19, 2006 1:17 PM , Blogger s_l_a said...

    awh... that was a cute story tamara :) sounds like you're having fun. I understand your situation with Gloria--I had the exact same situation with a girl @ school who happened to switch into all my core courses... Identifies self as Christian, but comes across with a wee bit o' an edge. I tried talking to this girl--

    "What can I do to help you, help yourself? I am here to learn and to facilitate YOUR learning. You are here to learn and faciliate my learning. By doing YOUR work for you, I am not giving you the opportunity of learning."

    As b-s'ing as it sounds, it worked and it is 'nice' enough that she couldn't do anything back... I hope my experience will help shed some light as to possible options in your hair-dressing experiences!

    take care tammy n' hope you're having a good holiday weekend.

    mcmaster bscn level III
    [there is a reason it is called "B-S"-cn]


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